A method for preserving personal and family memories in which pages are designed to allow the creator to personalize a story, a family tree, a vacation, etc., using your own souvenirs! It may include photographs, printed media, artwork, journaling and other media. It is then placed in a scrapbook for keepsake and each scrapbook is unique to its creator's particular interests. This modality is often referred to as reminiscence therapy. 


Fan favourite among many retirement homes! Using this classic medium, participants will have the opportunity to ‘exercise’ their fingers and improve fine motor skills. During the first session they 'work' the clay and to shape it, second session they paint, decorate, and to glaze it. Participants will learn fundamental techniques of how to work with clay and how to create a successful clay pieces such as Pendents, Rose, and Novelty bowl.


Whether you're 10 or 100, everyone loves jewellery - especially when they have made it themselves! Jewellery are always a hit with the ladies, whether it’s for a special occasion or just a fun ladies’ night in. This activity creates a fun opportunity for participants to create their own unique jewellery pieces such as, necklaces, rings, earrings, and brooch - you decide what you would like to make!


Paint parties are the current hype!  The program begins with participants being shown a finished painting; they are then guided step by step through the process of how to paint it from scratch. The paint party modality amazes participants of what they are able to create without any prior painting experience. They end-up, not only with their own masterpiece, but also with cherished memories! Masterpieces includes, impressionism, abstract art, landscape, and seasonal. 


Originated in France in the 17th century, decoupage is the art of decorating an object with shapes or illustrations cut from specialty napkins or paper combination with vivid paint effects. Design and create your own collector object, such as serving platters, bangles, photo-transfer, and flower pots, which appears to be professionally painted! 


Dating all the way back to the fourth century BC during the Byzantine era, recycling provides an opportunity to convert unused materials into new masterpieces. Key component of modern waste reduction, upcycling became an infulusional concept in today’s art world. Participants will have a fun opportunity to to transform old, unused materials into hip and fashionable artwork while learning fundamental design concepts and color schemes. Art works includes: Bottle-cap pendants and keychains, Wood Keychains, and Vintage watercolour paintings.


A method for preserving family recipes, in which pages are designed to allow the creator to personalize the cookbook with his/her own memorabilia. It includes recipes, photographs, printed media, artwork and more. It is then placed in either, scrapbook style cookbook, coil binding cookbook, or binder style cookbook.  This is a wonderful way for a matriarch or patriarch to pass on recipes to their children and grandchildren. 

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