Why is art so important for seniors? In a feature article (January 2017) for Senior Care Connect, Merav discusses the cognitive, social, and physical benefits expressive arts has to offer seniors – you will be surprised! 

"In the past decade, there has been an explosion of research in the field of neuroscience. Hundreds of studies testify to the fact that our minds and bodies are deeply connected and “talk” to each other in very meaningful ways1,2. In these fascinating studies, it was shown that art-based activities strengthen the neural connections between our left and right hemispheres, they help regulate and calm the nervous system, and they promote spontaneity, feelings of self-worth and autonomy3,4.
Given the benefits of engaging in the creative process, art-based activities are even more important for people who are aging. Some older adults might feel isolated, others might be dealing with physical ailments or cognitive decline, and yet others might be experiencing boredom.
Expressive arts includes a variety of different modalities such as jewelry-making, scrap-booking, painting and other types of visual arts. Whether it be in a group setting or in the comfort of your home, it encourages and promotes a sense of well-being, decreases isolation and loneliness, increases feelings of independence and mastery, and improves the person’s attention/concentration." ....

For the full article, please select the link below:

Read an article Merav wrote for Seniors Care Connect


We all have or know older adults in our lives, but did you know that arts help them express themselves in a non-verbal way!? In a recent article, April 20, 2017, by The Canadian Jewish News, Paul interviews Merav as she shares just why it is so important for seniors to express themselves via arts.  


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